The worlds leading CNC software for cutting, drilling, routing, texturing.

    Please read below for information for nested based manufacturing with specific reference to manufacturing cabinetmakers and joiners.

    You can purchase EnRouteTM OR get full product details by contacting us at... sales@enroute.co.nz

    Click here for PDF EnRoute Fact Sheet

    For a complete solution to your Kitchen, Bathroom and commercial design and manufacturing we recommend 3D Kitchen in conjunction with EnRoute.  For seamless links from design to machine you will be astounded at the accuracy and simplicity of this unbeatable combination.

    • pick up data directly from 3D Kitchen Design software
    • transfers to EnRoute with exact cutting, shaping and drilling details already completed
    • all drilling and cutting parameters automatically adjust according to what you have produced in your clients designs
    • you have the further ability to do any manual adjustments you may need
    • see these adjustments graphically PRIOR to sending the parts to your CNC machine to ensure you are producing what you expect
    • EnRoute then processes this into machine specific code for running directly to your CNC nesting machine
    • all CNC machines can be used with this combination for high yield CNC nesting
    • move now to a system that provides extremely simple yet accurate methods to automate your production
    • start now and have confidence in your design/manufacturing process

    Video Demo of 3D Kitchen-EnRoute Linking

    Click below for direct link to 3D Kitchen design and production software 3D KitchenTM


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